Summer Semester Tuition & Fees

We offer a high-quality, personalized experience for summer students. The courses offered during the summer intercession are the same versions as their fall or spring semester counterparts, taught by the same professors, and provide the same level of intellectual rigor. As such, no special permission is needed for Assumption students to “count” these courses as part of their curriculum. The only real difference is the summer classes cost less than the fall and spring versions. 

Tuition and Fees

$1,850 per course.  No financial aid is available in the summer.  There are added fees for four courses:

  • ART 101 Studio Fee $40
  • ARD 115 Studio Fee $115
  • BIO 105 Lab Fee $400 (only if course is taken with a lab; the lab is optional)
  • SPA 103 Media Fee $15

Tuition Refunds

Those students who enroll, then withdraw from the Summer Program are provided refunds depending upon when the student withdraws:

  • Before start of classes – 100%
  • During the first week – $1,110 (60%)
  • During or after the second week – no refund

Policy on Incompletes

Incomplete (I) is given only when a student, because of a documented illness or serious emergency at the end of the semester, has not been able to complete the requirements of her/his course by the grade deadline. Incompletes are granted by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies in consultation with the pertinent faculty member. Faculty overseeing incompletes must file a change of grade form before the end of the sixth week of the following semester. All unresolved incompletes turn to Fs after that date.


Housing will be available on a limited basis in Plough Hall.  The cost is $580 per summer session ($1,160 for both sessions).  There is no meal plan.  Taylor Dining Hall is open for walk-ins on a limited basis in Session I and on a more consistent basis in Session II.  The suites in Plough Hall have kitchens so students would be able to prepare food when Taylor is closed.  Students would be responsible for obtaining their own food.

High school students and incoming Assumption freshmen are not eligible for housing.