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The Value of an Assumption Education

Assumption is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s “best value” colleges by Barron’s Best Buys in College Education. The publication says Assumption provides a “first-rate education at a reasonable price,” and it highlights Assumption faculty’s devotion to helping students achieve their goals.

Assumption Assurance
Assumption recognizes the importance for families to be able to develop a financial plan without the worry of unpredictable tuition increases.  That’s why Assumption has extended Assumption Assurance – our four-year tuition freeze program.  The class enrolling in fall 2016 will pay the fall 2014 tuition rate for all four years at Assumption – guaranteed.  

With private four-year institutions increasing tuition at an average of four percent per year, Assumption Assurance has the potential to save families and students approximately $22,000 over four years, when compared to similarly priced institutions. Greater savings can be expected when compared to higher-priced schools. Download the fact sheet to learn more.

Cost of Attendance
The cost of attendance is used to determine your eligibility for need-based financial aid from Assumption College. It is based on the cost for a full-time Assumption undergraduate student who is enrolled in at least 4 courses (12 credits) per semester. It includes:

  • Direct costs: those expenses billed directly to you from Assumption
  • Indirect costs: those expenses not billed to you, but which you may incur.

If you drop below full-time or change your residency status, your cost of attendance will be recalculated, thus impacting your financial aid eligibility.

2016-2017 Cost of Attendance

Resident or Commuter (Living in off-campus apartment) Commuter (Living with parents/relatives)
Tuition $35,510 Tuition $35,510
Fees $750 Fees $750
Room & Board $11,660 Room & Board $2,500
Personal $1,000 Personal $1,000
Transportation $800 Transportation $800
Books & Supplies $1,000 Books & Supplies $1,000
Loan Fees $66 Loan Fees $66
Total $50,786 Total $41,626

First-year students must pay a one-time Orientation fee of $400 and one-time room damage deposit of $350 (if residing on campus). All students also are charged Student Health Insurance; however, the fee is waived If the student completes an online waiver showing they have comparable coverage.

For more detailed billing information, please refer all questions to the Student Accounts Office.

Tools to help you determine the cost of your Assumption education

Paying for an Assumption Education
Assumption College is firmly committed to helping students finance an Assumption education. The College offers scholarships, grants, work study, and federal and state loans as part of students’ financial aid packages, and a variety of other financing options are available. Your Assumption financial aid advisor can help you to identify those opportunities.