Alumni Services

Networking & Job Postings

Thank you for reaching out to Assumption! We have a number of suggestions that we hope can assist you in your career development:

As an Assumption graduate you can connect directly with Assumption alumni for networking or career purposes.

Alumni Events

The best way to make connections with Alumni and increase your networking skills would be to participate in one of our Alumni Events.

The AC Connection

Connect and reconnect with AC alumni for newtworking purposes and to post job opportunities. Alumni in this password-protected database are willing to lend advice, support and information, but they do not necessarily have open positions. The information in this database is for personal career-related efforts and is not to be used for any commercial purposes.

Career Connection

The Career Development & Internship Center (CDIC) has connected the former "Hound Explorer" to Career Connection, which provides undergraduates and alumni the opportunity to connect with one another and also offers resources to search and post job opportunities and internships. Alumni can choose what type of assistance they are willing to provide, such as job shadowing, informational interviewing or answering questions via e-mail. For more information, contact the CDIC at

Access the Alumni Database. (*Alumni/ae and students are not to be solicited as possible customers and NOT grouped into Distribution Lists. Information on this site is intended for alumni one-on-one personal communication only.)

  • Once you select a few alumni with whom you wish to network, e-mail them and ask for a time to meet or talk. If you research by "state" you will access a comprehensive list. Some research will be required to see where they work, but if the company interests you, go for it.

The Social Media Connection

Visit our Facebook page and our LinkedIn Group

Requesting A Transcript

If you need to order a copy of your Academic Record form the Assumption College Registrar's Office, please contact them by calling 508-767-7355 or come in person to the Registrar's Office.  For more information about the process of ordering a transcript navigate to the Registrar's Webpage.

Update My Information

If you would like to update the College's database with your most recent address in order to ensure that you receive any and all communications from the college, please submit a Change of Address Form.