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Admissions Ambassador

Alumni are our best ambassadors and recruiters! Please help us spread the word about Assumption College and recruit new students.

Hundreds of alumni refer potential students, serve as Admissions Ambassadors, communicate with potential and accepted students in their region, and/or attend College Fairs.  Share your Assumption stories with prospective students and let them know the value of an Assumption education, from an alumnus’ perspective. 

Do you know high school students who would make perfect Greyhounds?  Just fill out the short Alumni Referral Program form below, and we will reach out to them directly and introduce them to the many opportunities available to students here – in the classroom, on campus, in the community, and around the globe.

Each student you refer will receive an application fee waiver in the mail – so let them know that because of your referral, they can apply to Assumption for free!

If you would like to share the Application Fee Waiver, download the form here, complete/sign it, and have them return it with their application. Applicants can take advantage of the Application Fee Waiver themselves when applying through the Common Application by selecting "Alumni Fee Waiver" in the dropdown menu and entering your name there.

If you have any questions, please contact Allyson Martin '99 at 508-767-7109 or

For additional information, please contact the office of Alumni Relations at 508-767-7223 or

Student Mentoring

C.A.L.L. (Career Academic Lifetime Learning) program

The Student Counseling Center helps students develop future careers and goals by assisting them in finding summer jobs and internships.  If your company can participate, please contact or (508) 767-7227. See below for information on the C.A.L.L. Sophomore Professional Shadow Program.


Career Connection

The Career Development & Internship Center (CDIC) has connected the former "Hound Explorer" to Career Connection, which provides undergraduates and alumni the opportunity to connect with one another and also offeres resources to search and post job opportunities and internships. Alumni can choose what type of assistance they are willing to provide, (e.g. job shadowing, informational interviewing or answering questions via e-mail). For more information, contact the CDIC at