Bulk Mail

Bulk Mail Procedures


  • Bulk Mail – 200 pieces
  • First Class Mail – 500 pieces

How It Works

  • Order or create a mailing list (it has to be compatible with a mailing software). Call Ann Lewis at Ext. 7164 for Parent/Alumni mailings, Christine Estabrook at Ext. 7429 for students, or John Flynn at Ext. 7504 for customized lists.
  • Please complete the Bulk Mail section of the Copy Center order form. If your mailing needs to be copied or printed, this can all be instructed on the same form. When your order is complete a representative will handle the mailing arrangements.
  • Billing is completed at the end of each month, and a total of your charges will be available on your monthly budget sheet.

Helpful Hints and Guidelines

Orders to be mailed should be reviewed with the mailroom to ensure that proper design/layout is used. Specific postal guidelines make for various rate classifications, and our goal is to obtain the maximum postal savings allowable. Please notify the campus Post Office if any mailings are being processed off campus (Shrewsbury Distribution Center to be used only). This will ensure the proper postage is available in that account.

Maximize Your Postal Savings

With minor changes in design, our mail piece can qualify for automation rates at the post office. Here are a few tips to help you with designing your mail pieces.

Self-mail Peices

For a folded-mailer, the opening must be at the top. Since tabbing is required for automation, take caution to allow for a blank area for the tab to be applied.

Aspect Ratio: Width vs. Height

For an automation compatible mailing, the dimensions of your piece are very important. The width divided by the height must be between 1.3 & 2.5. Therefore, a square card, 4x4 size is not automation compatible. 

Envelope Mailings

If you are mailing pieces in an envelope, check first to see which stamp is appropriate for your job. We have -in stock- the appropriate preprinted envelope for your needs. Most, but not all of our mailings qualify for nonprofit status. If the wrong indicia are used, a delay of your mailing will result. Special permission to mail with incorrect indicia must be granted.

Address Printing

A 2" x 3 1/4" area is needed for the address block. The location of the address block is also important. The following are minimum guidelines to meet automation requirements:

  • No vertical lines. They will interfere with the scanning equipment.
  • The Address Block must be at least:
    • 5/8" from the bottom
    • 1/2" from the right edge
    • 1/4" from any material on left side

The above information is meant to be a guide to assist you in obtaining the maximum savings for your mail. If these requirements cannot be met, that does not mean that your mailing cannot be sent. It means that it cannot be sent using automated rates (the cheapest rates available). Your mail will be sent at a slightly higher per piece rate.