Payment of Bills

Assumption College has partnered with TMS, Tuition Management Services, to provide an integrated student account center.  This student account center has replaced our mailing of paper tuition bills to the student's home address.

Email invites will be sent the beginning of December to undergraduate day students to log onto the student account center and view their Spring 2016 bill.  The student account center allows the student the ability to share their account access with parents or any other additional parties to assist in managing their account.  Statements can be viewed online and payments can be made online 24/7.

If you are planning on paying your bill by a MEFA, PLUS or other loan program, your loan application will need to be approved with a completed promissory note and if required by the lender, certified by the Financial Aid office in order for these funds to be considered as a secure payment.  PLUS loans and some other loans have an origination fee withheld by the lender.   Questions concerning the loan process should be directed to the Financial Aid office.  The Financial Aid office can be reached at 508-767-7158.

A late fee of $100.00 will be assessed if the balance is not paid by December 18, 2015.  It is important to note that a late application for financial aid by a student does not excuse late fees charge by the College.

Student Account Center FAQs

What is the Student Account Center?

SAC is a portal that presents comprehensive student account information including Account Summary and Activity, Statements, and options to pay your bill including enrolling in a payment plan.

How do you access the Student Account Center?

  1. Due to student privacy regulations (FERPA), initial access to the SAC is granted to the student at on file at Assumption College.
  2. However, since additional family members are frequently a critical partner in this process, the student (once logged into the SAC) can extend invitations to additional participants to help manage their account.

Next Steps:

If you would like to help manage the account, encourage your student to provide you with SAC access.  They can do this through the Share Account Access section in the SAC.


Enrolled students may be suspended from the College for past due obligations, an action which includes removal of courses and prevention from course enrollment and campus housing for future terms. Students whose accounts are not in good standing may not be allowed to participate in the housing lottery. Current and former students will have a financial hold placed on their “official” academic transcript. Past due obligations may be referred to a collection agency at the discretion of the College. In such cases, the student will be liable for any collection and legal fees which may total 50% of the outstanding bill.


Diplomas and official transcripts are released only upon full payment of all bills. All tuition, service charges, graduation fee, and miscellaneous fees, including library fees, must be paid in full by the announced graduation clearance deadline. Student accounts that are not fully paid by graduation clearance day are turned over to a collection agency if the account continues to be delinquent.