Part Time Administrators & Staff

Assumption College offers a comprehensive and valuable package of fringe benefits. This is a summary of the benefits available to administrative and staff employees who work 1,000 to 1,499 hours per year. For a complete description of the various programs, please contact the Human Resources Office, Room 109, Alumni Hall, Ext. 7318.

HEALTH PLANS: Employees are eligible upon employment to enroll themselves and their dependents in one of the health plans offered by the College.

PLAN 125: Under this program employees can save money by paying for their out-of-pocket health care costs and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. Plan 125 consists of three parts:

  1. Health Plan Premium Conversion in which an employee's health and/or dental plan payroll deductions are made before taxes are assessed;

  2. Medical/Dental Reimbursement Plan which allows employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible medical or dental expenses which are not covered by their health plan;

  3. Dependent Care Assistance Plan which allows employees to pay for child care (or other dependent care) on a pre-tax basis. (Can only enroll during December open enrollment of each year).

DENTAL PLAN: Employees are eligible upon employment to enroll themselves and their dependents in a dental plan. Two levels of coverage are available.

VISION SERVICE PLAN: Employees are eligible upon employment to enroll themselves and their dependents in a voluntary Vision Service Plan. Covered benefits include eye exams and annual allowances for lenses, frames and contact lenses.

DEFINED CONTRIBUTION RETIREMENT PLAN: Contributions to the defined contribution retirement plan can be tax-deferred, are immediately and fully vested and are matched by the College.  Employees are eligible to participate on the first day of the month following date of hire.

SUPPLEMENTAL RETIREMENT CONTRIBUTIONS AND/OR ANNUITIES: Federal law allows employees of educational institutions to set aside tax-deferred retirement contributions in addition to matching contributions. Employees are eligible to participate upon employment.

SUPPLEMENTAL LIFE INSURANCE: Employees may purchase life insurance through payroll deduction. Both term and permanent life insurance are available to the employee, spouse, and children. Premium rate information is available from The Protector Group Insurance Agency.


  • Staff: Paid illness time is earned at the rate of .0462 for each hour worked. This accrual rate is the pro-rated equivalent to 12 days per year for full-time staff.

  • Administrators: Paid illness time is earned based on the number of hours worked. This accrual rate is the pro-rated equivalent of 12 days per year for full-time administrators (1,820 hours). Administrators who work less than 1820 hours will earn sick time at the rate of .0462 hours per hour worked.

Employees stop earning illness time upon the accrual of 65 days. Unused illness days accumulate and are used during the first three months of an extended illness. Employees do not receive pay for unused illness days upon termination of employment.

SHORT-TERM DISABILITY: This program provides for salary continuation after a 30-day waiting period once accrued sick and vacation time is exhausted. Compensation is paid at 60% of pre-illness wage for up to five months. Employees must have completed one year of service and provide medical documentation of a disability to be eligible.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: The Wellness Corporation provides EAP services to employees, which include assessment and referral services, short-term counseling, referrals for budget and debt counseling, legal consultations, and work/life benefits. You and any household members can use this program.

TUITION REMISSION: Employees may enroll in up to two Assumption College Continuing Education or Graduate Studies courses per term with the tuition waived. Eligibility begins with the first full semester after one year of service is completed.

HOLIDAYS: Employees receive pay for those holidays that fall within their regular work schedule.

VACATION: Part-time staff earn .0385 of vacation per hour worked. This is the pro-rated equivalent of 2 weeks per year for full-time staff. Part-time administrators earn .0770 of vacation per hour worked. Employees stop earning vacation time when the annual 25 day carry over maximum has been accrued.

PERSONAL INSURANCE/PAYROLL DEDUCTION PROGRAM: Employees may purchase auto, homeowner's, liability, and other types of personal insurance through payroll deduction. Discounts are available for some types of coverage. The plan is administered by the Protector Group Insurance Agency and underwritten by the Hanover Insurance Company.

DIRECT DEPOSIT: The College requires direct deposit from payroll to from payroll to any banking institution in the United States.

PLOURDE RECREATION CENTER: Employees are welcomed and encouraged to use the recreational and fitness facilities located in the Plourde Center. With your College ID, admission to the center is free. Some special programs and classes require a small fee. Employees who wish to bring family members may do so by purchasing a membership. Contact the Plourde Center for information regarding schedules, programs, and fees.

WORCESTER ART MUSEUM: Employees are entitled to free admission to the museum during its regular hours. Admission to the Museum will be honored by using your Assumption ID card.