Life in Rome

At Assumption’s Rome Campus, students are immersed in Roman life and Italian culture, from Etruscan antiquities, classical monuments, and Baroque grandeur, to the best cappuccinos and gelatos. Offering fully-equipped facilities and a warm family environment within a traditional residential neighborhood in the heart of Rome, Assumption’s Rome Campus enables students to experience authentic Italian life while advancing their academic goals through a fully integrated curriculum with Assumption professors.

The Villino Dufault building, newly renovated and located in the heart of the city, presents an ideal location for Rome Campus students to live and study.
Take in the latest fashions, study the finest art and architecture, and listen to some of the most beautiful music in the world. Come learn why Rome has captivated hearts and minds for centuries.
Explore Italy through trips to landmarks and centers of culture, both with professors on planned Rome program outings and on your own.
Rome Campus dining offers more than exquisite cuisine; it allows students to bond with their professors and one another by sharing conversation and camaraderie.
The seat of the Catholic Church and home to sites such as the Sistine Chapel, there is no better place than Rome to learn about the teachings and history of the faith.
Home Stays provide students with advanced knowledge of Italian language and culture a unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in Roman life.