First Year Student Orientation

Welcome Class of 2019 Students and Families

Congratulations on your acceptance to Assumption College. We look forward to welcoming you on campus for June Orientation as you prepare to begin your college career. After you send in your commitment deposit to Admissions, you and your family can choose one of three dates to attend Orientation.

Session 1:          Thursday, Friday          June 11-12
Session 2:          Monday, Tuesday         June 15-16
Session 3:          Thursday, Friday          June 18-19

We know you will have plenty of questions about the academic and social life at Assumption. June Orientation will help answer those questions and introduce you to the people who teach, work and live here. You’ll meet other first-year students and get a sense of what to expect.

Your parents/guardians will also get their questions answered.

If you have questions now, send an e-mail to and indicate “Parent/Guardian – 2019” or “Student – 2019” in the subject line with any questions you may have. Your e-mail will be forwarded to the appropriate department and someone will get back to you.